Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Purchases

All sales made on PTCaddons.com are final and no refund will be given for any work or product bought from this store.

2. Payments

PTCaddons.com accepts payments on site via PayPal, Payza and Skrill. The payment for any products or service must be made in full before they are delivered.

3. Installation

a) All PTCaddons.com Scripts can be installed by a member of the PTCaddons.com team or by the buyer.

4. Payment Disputes

Any payment dispute which invovles PTCaddons.com add-ons, Modifcation will result in the immediate deactiveation of your add-ons licence on your addon. To reactivate your script we will charge a administration fee of $5 as well as requiring the cancellation of the dispute.

5. Product Support

At any time PTCaddons.com can stop supporting a product or service. None of our products come with guarntees or warrenties and the support we offer is a extra service we offer for free.

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